VISA MANAGEMENT, S.L. is a corporate immigration agency whose purpose is to support the expatriation processes of its client firms’ employees. To this end, we provide integral management systems enabling us to offer top quality at the best price.
We offer:

  • Resource management optimization: cost cutting and time saving
  • Identification with our clients
  • Proximity and flexibility, creating confident relations
  • Thoroughness, reliability and precision
  • Constancy and perseverance
  • Continuing improvement and professional enthusiasm
  • Spirit of service

Our multi-lingual Corporate Immigration Department attorneys provide the following legal services:

For non-European Union nationals

  • Work and residence permits (local/transnational/intra-company, etc.)
  • Residence permits (family members)
  •  Work and/or residence permits renewals
  •  Re-entry permits
  •  Stay extensions
  •  Citizenship applications

For European Union nationals:

  • European Union Citizen Registration Certificates
  •  European Union Citizen Family Member Residence Cards

Other services:

  • Document legalization (diplomatic channels/ Apostille)
  • Registration as official resident of your city/town
  • S.S.N. assignment
  • Obtaining T.I.N and tax cards
  • Health Cards
  • Obtaining family certificates: birth, marriage, etc.
  •  Obtaining visas to other countries